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Are Bananas Too Fattening?

Trying to lose some of that extra body fat so you can fit in those trendy pants you could not help buying on sale? Obviously, you will need to change your entire diet, add more fruits and vegetables to each meal. That could mean more carrots on the side of your steak, starting your day with an apple and maybe even eating a bananasometime throughout the day.

However, you may have heard a little something about bananas. They are too fattening and if you really want to get into shape, you need to cut these things out completely. But, in reality, this really isn’t the case. There is more evidence to support the fact that bananas are actually weight loss friendly food. Bananas have a low to medium glycemic index, which is a ranking of carbohydrates on how much they would raise one’s blood sugar levels. This is very low compared to other high-carb foods.

Bananas aren’t even the most filling fruit out there. For example, apples and oranges are actually more filling in a calorie per calorie basis. Bananas are also great way to keep your heart healthy as well. These are packed with potassium, which is a mineral electrolyte that keeps electricity throughout your body, which is required to keep your heart beating. They are also low in sodium, which protect your system against high blood pressure.

Many medical professionals have even recommended that a daily intake of bananas, maybe one or two, would be beneficial to people’s health. So, if you need a daily intake, you can get that here at Juice Dudez. We have a plenty of recipes that include bananas to choose from, but one of our more popular options is the Strawberry Banana smoothie. A perfect blend of strawberry and milk with your daily intake of potassium. There is also the option of substituting with other non-dairy milks for those who are vegan or lactose-intolerant.

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