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Can Lemon Juice Make Your Skin Look Younger?

It’s a common inquiry among health nuts around the world. The food you eat will always have a big impact on your overall health, weather that internal or external. Some foods can be proven to improve your heart condition, others can boost your immune and some might even be able to make your skin look younger?

There is some speculation that ingesting daily dose of lemon juice can improve yourskin care to the point that you’ll actually start to de-age. To be fair, there are some facts to back up this claim. Lemon juice has a good quantity of vitamin C, approximately 18.6 mg, which has been proven to stimulate collagen production and reduce the signs of aging. This includes improving the skin’s texture, firmness and maybe even help prevent lines.

However, there is rather a big BUT to this claim. Vitamin C serves as a natural skin brightener and can help reduce the risk of antioxidants and damage. However, you would have to drink a rather large quantity of lemon water in order to reap the benefits of de-aging. This is because most of the vitamin C in lemon is found in the peel and that is usually not very edible. Believe it or not, you can actually find more vitamin C in an orange than a lemon.

Oranges not only contain more vitamin C than lemon but they also have a high count of beta-carotene which helps your body create and process vitamin A. Vitamin A not only reduces the risk of certain cancers and support bone health, but it can also aid in the growth of skin cells.

If you feel the need to get more oranges in your diet, you can try the Orange Fresh Juice at Juice Dudez, guaranteed 100% fresh orange juice made on the spot. If your more interested in some lemon, try the special Reboot Lemonade smoothie, made with fresh lemons with a mixed blend of mint and ginger. No matter which you choose, you will be on the next level of freshness.

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