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Franchise with us to spread more fresh vibes.

Many have been asking: When are you going to expand? When are you going to be everywhere and let everyone enjoy the award-winning Juice Dudez fresh vibes? How can we be a part of this? Tens if not hundreds of emails were asking about franchise opportunities… Well, we are thrilled to announce that the long-awaited time is finally here… A limited number of licensing opportunities are now available to share the Fresh Vibes all over Ottawa and soon Toronto. Our mission is to give back to the community we love and eventually the whole world, by making exceptional experiences that help you be your healthiest, happiest you. We’ve been working tirelessly for years to create a well-organized and systemized business model where you can be more profitable and at the same time look your customer in the eye knowing you are making them healthier and happier. Hit us up if making people happier and healthier is your thing.

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Despite warnings that the food business is challenging, I identified an underserved niche: juices.
When it comes to juices or desserts, your options are limited—either something that tastes good
but doesn’t feel good after or something that doesn’t even taste good to begin with. And then,
baaam, JD was born in 2019.

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